headshot3-2Pina Martino is a long-time party member, cure supporter and activist.

Her dedication and commitment to the conservative movement is marked by her participation on the Etobicoke Centre provincial riding association since 2006 and on the Etobicoke Centre federal riding association since 2005.

When called upon to help represent the provincial party in a by-election, information pills Pina stood as the PC candidate in the riding of York South-Weston in 2007.

Pina has also worked through numerous campaigns in the riding at both the federal and provincial levels.

Most notably, hospital Pina was the Ontario PC Candidate in Etobicoke Centre in the 2014 general election.  Despite the loss for the party, Pina’s candidacy saw the vote count for the Ontario PC Party in Etobicoke Centre increase by over 1,500 votes.  As well, under Pina’s candidacy, Etobicoke Centre had the second highest number of Ontario PC votes in a Toronto riding – second only to Doug Holyday in Etobicoke Lakeshore.

In addition to her political activities, Pina draws on the breadth of her professional experience to offer strong representation for the riding.

At the request of Interim PC Leader, Jim Wilson, Pina served as his Chief of Staff and when Patrick Brown became the Party Leader in May 2015, Pina continued to serve as his Interim Chief of Staff until February of this year.

In addition to her duties as Chief of Staff, Pina has worked closely with MPP Laurie Scott, PC Critic on Women’s Issues, to raise public awareness on human sex trafficking in Ontario and urge the Wynne Liberals to take substantive action to fight this heinous crime.

Pina has also worked as the Special Advisor on Issues Management in the Office of Mayor Rob Ford for the City of Toronto

Prior to the Mayor’s Office, Pina worked at Queen’s Park, aiding Peter Shurman, MPP, Thornhill, in legislative affairs on the vital portfolio of Economic Development and Trade.

This followed her time as legislative advisor to the Office of the Leader of the Official Opposition, in advising Bob Runciman, interim Ontario PC Leader. In her time there, Pina was part of the team that uncovered the e-health scandal under Dalton McGuinty that cost the people of Ontario over $1 billion.

Pina is a trained lawyer, having practiced family, criminal, and real estate law for 15 years and having served as a deputy judge in the Ontario Small Claims Court division.

Pina lives in the riding with husband, Andrew and three daughters, Grace, Maria and Evelyn.

She has lived in Etobicoke Centre for 40 years and is an active member at Royal York Road United Church.