vic-fedeli “I’ve worked closely with Pina on many files and subjects at Queen’s Park in her role as Chief of Staff. Pina has the right combination of experience, understanding and smarts to do this job. We need Pina to be part of our team to take out Kathleen Wynne’s government and get Ontario back on the right track. It’s that important.”

-Vic Fedeli, MPP, Nipissing

lauire-scott-mpp“I’ve been an MPP for a long time now and I’ve met and worked with many good people. Pina is at the top of the list. It’s time we band together and take out the Wynne Liberals for good. Etobicoke Centre needs Pina to be their candidate and their MPP. I implore you to take action and make the right choice.”

-Laurie Scott, MPP, Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock


“As the former Member of Parliament for Etobicoke Centre, I understand that the most important duty for any elected official is that they deeply care about their community and the constituents that they have sworn to serve. For this reason, I am supporting Pina Martino in her effort to become the Ontario Progressive Conservative candidate in the next provincial election.

Pina has been dedicated to public service for many years municipally and provincially. She has been a contributing member of our community in Etobicoke Centre where she and her family make their home.Moreover, Pina, has demonstrated to me that she has the dedication and the will to serve Etobicoke Centre with distinction. Pina has the drive and the energy the reach out to each home in the riding (Etobicoke Centre) and win their trust. Through her years of skilled service, her legal background, and the respect that she commands from her peers, Pina is someone who is ready to serve at the cabinet level.

My friends and fellow Progressive Conservative Party members, I strongly urge you to nominate as your candidate, someone who you know from her years of proven service, someone who lives in, and is part of, the riding that she will serve, and someone you know will help lead all of Ontario to a new prosperity. Please join me in selecting Pina Martino to be our nominated candidate in Etobicoke Centre.” – Ted Opitz, former MP (Etobicoke Centre)

runciman“Pina provided both outstanding legal and political advice to me during my time as leader of the opposition at Queen’s Park. Her investigative skills and in-depth knowledge of the law were critically important in helping me and our caucus, expose issues like the Liberals’ billion dollar e-health boondoggle. Pina knows how Queen’s Park works and from day one as an MPP, will be able to make a significant contribution to the betterment of her riding and our province.” – Bob Runciman, Senator, Senate of Canada, Former Interim Leader of the Opposition, Ontario PC Party 

headshot_of_jim_website“Whatever Pina Martino has done in life it has always been about helping people. She worked as a lawyer and then headed off to Queen’s Park to serve with distinction as chief of staff to both interim leaders Bob Runciman and myself. I can guarantee you she’s got the experience, work ethic, and heart that’s needed to be an effective MPP. She’s by far the best person to represent the hard-working people of Etobicoke Centre.” –  Jim Wilson, MPP, Simcoe-Grey

s-holyday“Etobicoke has a long tradition of electing Progressive  Conservative MPPs who are cabinet material.  Pina Martino embodies that tradition.  Her vast experience as a lawyer and former Chief of staff to Patrick Brown will ensure that Etobicoke residents will have a serious voice at the decision-making table. Pina Martino has my support.”

Councillor Stephen Holyday (Ward 3 – Etobicoke Centre)

doug-holyday“We all can appreciate someone’s willingness to let their name stand as a candidate, especially to represent something we believe in. That is a very admirable thing to do and I commend all who may participate. But when it comes to deciding who should be representing the riding in the next provincial election, I will be casting my vote for Pina.  Here is someone who has been carrying the fight for a very long time and is poised to give us our best chance at winning Etobicoke Centre.” – Doug Holyday, Former PC MPP (Etobicoke-Lakeshore) & Former Deputy Mayor of Toronto

profile-logo“It is with great pleasure that I offer my support for Pina Martino as our PC candidate in Etobicoke Centre.  I first met Pina over 10 years ago working in our riding on the campaign trail.  Her tireless and unwavering dedication to our community and  Party over many years make her exactly who we need to carry our banner in the next election.  Pina is smart, well spoken and has the skills to be a thoughtful and effective representative at Queen’s Park. ” –  Alex Lalka, Etobicoke Centre resident

profile-logo“I have lived in Etobicoke Centre for 40 years. I know Pina to have intelligence, integrity and a tremendous work ethic. It’s an easy choice for me. I’m voting for Pina. – Gord Dawson, Etobicoke Centre resident